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I am a counsellor in Twickenham, West London offering counselling and therapy


"I could not have hoped for a better counsellor than Daisy. She listened when I needed to talk, helped me to find the answers I could not fathom and most importantly, she cared. Daisy helped me to challenge life-long beliefs which were detrimental to my identity and self-esteem. With her support I was able to re-visit and re-assess the difficult moments of my past- which I would never have had the courage to do alone. Daisy was able to rise to every challenge our weekly discussions presented, from the simple to the abstract. She was able to provide practical advice on breathing techniques and cognitive behavioural therapy whilst also participating in more philosophical discussions concerning the ego, religion and evolutionary primal responses. I would recommend Daisy to anybody who needs help and support- you won’t find a better counsellor than her."

Client, 2013

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