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Counselling and Therapy in Twickenham

I am a counsellor in Twickenham, West London offering counselling and therapy

What is counselling and what can it offer?

Therapy should help individuals cope with their difficulties by developing their inner resources, increasing their self understanding and, ultimately, empowering them to manage their problems. Counselling takes place in confidence, in a safe and non-judgmental space where the client should feel free to express their feeling and thoughts in a way they feel comfortable with. 

Through an Integrative Approach (which means pulling from a broad range of ideas, approaches and theories and which focuses on self development and self awareness) and with a Person Centered bias (offering non-judgmental, empathetic and a genuinely accepting therapeutic environment) I offer support with an aim to helping individuals improve their sense of personal wellbeing and alleviate their distress.

Essentially, counselling is about providing support for any kind of emotional distress and some of the causes can include the following;

Depression       Stress and Anxiety       Anger Issues

Low self esteem       Low self confidence       Bereavement       Loss and change

Physical abuse       Sexual abuse       Relationship breakdown

Please note that this is just a short list for the purpose of giving an idea of areas covered. Therefore, if the issues do not apply to you it does not mean we can’t work together; on the contrary, as mentioned above, the main purpose of counselling is to help alleviate emotional distress and therefore all issues and areas are welcomed. If for some reason I feel unable to help I will gladly try and refer you to a more suitable source of help. 

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